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The Open Source community has created a lot of fantastic products for the Identity & Access Management sector, most of them are independent and need therefore similar integration efforts if you want to plug them together as most proprietary tools.   The Open Source Identity Ecosystem aims to reduce the integration work and to provide a building block system that covers use cases from small websites to large enterprises. Come on and join us.…
Missed our talks?
Thanks to all of you who visited our talks about secure identities in the digital age during the WebTechCon and the OpenRheinRuhr 2013. We appreciate your feedback during and after the talks.   If you missed our talks see our "Coming Up" section to see where we are next and do not hesitate to start a discussion on our public mailing list, if you have questions or unresolved issues.
OSIAM enhances it's security concept by supporting token based multi-factor authentication utilizing LinOTPs unique multi token architecture. The LinOTP and the OSIAM team comitted to develop integrations for their respective products. LSExperts will provide a SCIMv2 UserIdResolver for LinOTP in order to utilize OSIAM as user backend and OSIAM will use the LinOTP Web-API to enable token based authentication on the OAuth2 server. Stay tuned for a more secure 2014!
A great agenda made the time fly by during the days of the Open Identity Summit 2013 including the upfront "Trusted Cloud" workshop from the 9th to 11th of September. And the time flew even faster by during the evening events because of the great crowd, the good food and drinks and the fantastic location. Thanks to http://www.ecsec.de/ for making this event happen.
We had a great time with you during our presentation that will hopefully be soon available online and of course thanks to the many visitors at our booth, you gave us a virtual "most visited booth" award :) We are looking forward to next year's FrOSCon!
With the first OSIAM release under MIT licence we address developers that are looking for a secure identity management module supporting SCIMv2 and OAuth 2.0.  As we are planning a summer break until the 2nd of September we want to share with you before what we worked on during the first months of the year. You are invited to provide feedback to us on our work either by opening a ticket, sending inquiries directly to info[at]osiam.org or posting at the OSIAM mailing list.…

Handling digital identities...

...finally becomes secure and easy!


You just made an important step to ensure a secure storage of digital identities and their related data. It does not matter if you are

  • a web and mobile developer,
  • a cloud provider or
  • a developer of native applications.

in nearly any case you have to deal with identity data. Why worry about the handling of this data when there is OSIAM?

Let's get started!

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